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At Bamboo Importers, our ability to store large amounts of inventory and buy in volume mean we can purchase truckloads, containers and even warehouses full of flooring. Buying in bulk comes with major cost advantages and it’s how we’re able to offer the best bamboo flooring prices you’ll find anywhere on the internet (or otherwise). It’s also how we became the World’s Largest Bamboo Flooring Store.

You’ll find an astounding variety of constructions, styles, colors, widths, lengths... basically every type of bamboo floor you can imagine (even hand scraped) is showcased right here and is ready for curbside delivery right to your home.

When shopping for an eco-friendly floor such as bamboo, it’s imperative you know the source of the raw material. It affects the structural quality of the floor and speaks volumes of the manufacturer’s standards. But more than that, it tells you that the green floor you’re buying is actually green. That’s why we only buy from the most reputable manufacturers that harvest their bamboo directly from FSC Certified Forests.

It’s no mistake that we’re able to offer highest quality FSC Certified Bamboo and the lowest prices. It’s due to the perfect combination of buying low, efficient e-commerce systems and maintaining a low overhead, all while operating on a lower profit margin than the other guys. We’re okay with making less money by the square foot and making it up in volume. It keeps our vendors happy, it keeps our customers even happier and it keeps us very, very busy.

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please call one of our bamboo flooring experts at 1-800-813-1380 or order your free flooring samples online today.

Featured Bamboo Flooring

Click 10mm Natural
As Low As: $2.54

Wire Brushed Tarnished Mocha
As Low As: $2.73

12mm Laterite Patina
As Low As: $3.52

12mm Old Gold Patina
As Low As: $3.81